Informal chat on pron

On Sunday I had an informal chat with a colleague about new ways to teach pronunciation as I am bored of the same ways I teach it and get students to practice it.

Here are a few ways he told me he uses this in his classes:

  • TPR – Get students into groups of 3 and have them show you the stress in a word by sitting up and standing. In other words the students are the syllables of a word, the teacher says a word and the student who represents the stressed syllable stays standing while others sit down. If the word only has 2 syllables one of the students has to run out of the group.
  • Balls – Similar to the activity mentioned before but instead of standing up and sitting down it could be giving students 2 tennis balls and a football.
  • Cuisinaire Rods – Have students represent the sound but with different sized cuisinaire rods.

I will be trying some of these this week.

If you have any more ideas or links to find more don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below.

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