Language learner in need of help?

Are you a language learner? Do you often forget new vocabulary and how to spell it? Do you find yourself struggling to remember what you’ve learned in class? This website might help you!

Having grown up in another country and being a language teacher, one of my favourite hobbies is language learning and I’m sure this is true for many language teachers out there.

When I lived and worked in China for the first year I didn’t learn any Chinese because I thought it would be too difficult and because I didn’t intend to stay long. After a year I decided to stay a little bit longer so I thought I’d give Chinese a go.

I enrolled in some one-to-one classes (dead cheap in China) and went fairly regularly. Some weeks I went for 2 hours, sometimes 6 hours, but as a language teacher I knew that if I didn’t practice regularly outside the classroom I wouldn’t stand a chance and I wouldn’t be able to provide my teacher with any input for correction. This is when I stumbled upon memrise,  it is extremely useful especially when learning characters.
flowers memriseMemrise is a website where you can choose to do as many courses as you like. Once you choose one you have a garden of flowers (each flower is a character, word, chunk…) that you water (by practising on the website) and they grow however, if you don’t practice the flowers wither and die.

The best thing about this website is that it is totally free and they have also launched an app for it too.

If you’re a language learner or teach languages it is definitely worth checking out! Give it a go!

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